Electric Bill Tampa

How much is your current electric bill? No matter what the company says, your answer is probably “It’s just too high!” Especially in Florida, where we have to run the air conditioning non-stop in summer, utility bills are one of the biggest expenses for homeowners. It seems impractical, but many people settle because they don’t believe they have alternatives to conventional energy use. But what what if you had access to a long term solution for power and electricity: a one-time investment that eliminate the electric bill for the lifetime of your home?

In Florida, the average monthly cost runs between $110 and $125 per household. The costs to provide central heating, air conditioning, and pool heating for large homes accumulate over time: you could be spending over $19,000 for each home you buy or rent. Couldn’t you be investing that money elsewhere? What if electricity costs were reduced to $0 a month? With solar panels, it’s possible. Investing in solar panel heating, cooling, and energy could save you thousands of dollars every year.

A solar photovoltaic system provides heating, air conditioning, and electricity to your home year-round. The one-time investment will last as long as you own the home, cutting down your average monthly cost of living exponentially. In addition your property value will increase. People looking to invest in their homes or want to increase market value before selling should look into the many reasons why solar panels are one of the best investments for home renovation.

With a solar panel system, you will be able to:

  • Decrease your expenses by an average $2000 annually
  • Increase market value of your property
  • Receive tax breaks and other financial incentives for a business location
  • Reduce your long-term environmental footprint as a home or business owner

With new technology on the market, solar panels have become affordable for many homeowners. Those looking to improve property value will invest in solar panels over aesthetic renovations. Electricity can be a homeowner’s biggest expenses, but it doesn’t have to be. When you use energy from your own backyard, you are creating and encouraging urban sustainability.

Tropical Solar Energy offers affordable solar energy installation for your home or business. We are bringing sustainable energy to Tampa and surrounding areas, including Dunedin, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Palm Harbor, tarpon Springs, and Largo. The professional staff at Tropical Solar Energy has over 35 years of experience, and we are certified as a solar panel installation team. We work with community partners to provide solar energy to veterans, nonprofits, and economically underserved individuals. Interested in working with us? Call 727-223-4922 today!

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